18 Januari 2021


Untuk Masyarakat Masa Depan

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has given beacon owners more choice, with an improved online beacon registration system that went live on 15 september.

The registration system on the AMSA website is mobile-optimised, handy for renewing beacon registration from a mobile or tablet.

Providing proof of registration will also become easier, with beacon owners able to show beacon registration confirmation on their mobile phone or tablet via SMS or email.  Vessel and aircraft owners can save their SMS or email on their mobile phone as  proof of registration to comply with the law from 15 september 2015.

AMSA representative Christine Macmillian, acknowledged that this development is a result of feedback from beacon owners about registration stickers. “After reviewing feedback about the existing beacon registration sticker system, we quickly found that a more mobile friendly method of proving beacon registration was needed,” said Macmilian.

“The new system gives beacon owners more option to save their registration information on their mobile phone through an SMS or email.”

“Registering your beacon could mean the difference between life and death in a distress situation. It can give search and rescue authorities important information to provide a quicker response.” said Macmillian.

Existing beacon registration stickers will continue to be recognised until they expire or need replacing, then proof of registration will be issued through the new methods.

Beacon registration renewal will continue to be free and take place every two years. (gin/Au).

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