25 Juni 2021


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Ferguson’s Marina Reacs Quickly After Recent Fire

Timurmerdeka.com. A recent fire at middle Harbor Yacht Club prompted nearby marina operator to install protection solutions.

The owners of Ferguson’s Marina. Only 100 meters from MHYC, watched as the fire gutted part of neighbours smelling smoke and the quick arrival of the fire brigade saved the rest of the building and the boats berthed at the marina.

Ferguson’s Marina worked with MHYC to developed an understanding of the fire and the response process and realised they needed a solution for its fire alarms and early warning systems to fully protect the property and its occupiers.

Martin Thompson of Ferguson’s Marina noted “We don’t have the benefit of close neighbours but we do have residents in each building. My family also lives in part of the marina building so I needed a first class early warning solution for the building and naturally, their protection is of paramount concern to me.”

Ferguson’s Marina asked Fire Save Australia and New Zealand for help to come up with a suitable cost effective solution. Fire Save are an independently-owned fire protection company specializing in the installation, service and maintenance of fire protection systems and electrical compliance in over 6,500 customer’s sites across Australia and New Zealand.

Fire safe recommended that Ferguson’s Marina install Brooks’ linked fire detection system. Brooks has been designing system for the electrical and fire engineering industries for over 44 years and was the first company to introduce wireless smoke alarm interconnection in Australia and New Zealand.

The safety benefits of alarm interconnection are obvious; in the event of one alarm detecting a fire, all interconnected alarms will go into alarm mode, sounding throughout the property. All the alarm in a building become activated simultaneously.

Wireless interconnection enables smoke alarms to be connected to each other without the need for cabling between the alarms. Instead, a radio frequency (RF) signal is used to trigger all the alarms in the system. Wireless interconnection also makes it far simpler for owners, installer, specifies and landlords to make changes to a system to help meet the changing needs of different tenants.

One of the greatest attractions for Ferguson’s Marina to install Brooks’ wireless interconnect smoke alarms is that is building design includes a lot of areas where a regular smoke detector would not be heard when the building is unattended. Being able to radio link these alarms for a higher level of warning has significant safety benefits and early warning improvements. In addition to this, because they own the building next door, they can link the alarms in both buildings so that an alarm in one building can alert residents and tenants in both building at once, as well as those staying on their boats moored at the marina.

Ferguson’s Marina is so pleased with the result obtained by installing wirelessly connected alarms, they are installing the system at its other marinas.  (gino/au).

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