19 Januari 2021


Untuk Masyarakat Masa Depan

Plunder Rp 1 billion in Kedoya Villa, the gun keeper allegedly paid Rp 700 thousand

Jakarta – Timurmerdeka.com. The ring of plunder and lock up man in a villa in Kedoya West Jakarta, plundered with the total estimation Rp 1 Billion. However, they were not be shared evenly.

“Oman and puji who get a job as supervisor ini the plunder, only get Rp 5 million. Meanwhile, Oman who kept the gun, he only get Rp 700 thousand,” Chief Unit General Criminal Metro Police West Jakarta AKP Rulian Sauri said to Journalists in Metro Police Headquarter West Jakarta, on Monday (1/22/2018).

Meanwhile, the share for Isnen or Senen, Hajar Aswad or Anjar, and Zeep, who still become fugitive, not found yet until now.

“They brought the rest of the money,” Rulian Said

The police keep pursuing the 3 plunders. For now, the Police only made 2 face sketchs, they are Senen and Anjar.

“We only have 2 face sketchs of them. We will finished the rest in not a long time,” Chief Unit Criminal Investigation Bureau Metro Police West Jakarta AKBP Edi Sitepu said.

The case which become a stir, happened on Saturday December 3rd 2017. They brought the strongbox and other valuable things with the total Rp 1 Billion.

Not only brought the strongbox, the plunders locked up Stefanus and a baby as well.

The police caught Oman and Puji, but 3 of them still in chasing and listed in the list of searched people (DPO)

Related with the plunder case, Metro Police snared them Article 365 Criminal Code about the plunder and violence (Anirat). (Gin/Jer).

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