Observe the increase HIV/AIDS’ object in South East Sulawesi, “emergency level” in Baubau

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December 26th 2017. Calculated 360 objects of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in Baubau General Hospital, South East Sulawesi Province. Health regulation concerning to this dangerous disease stepped into “emergency” category. So, not only the health service and the Local General Hospital but also the whole people element involved to stop this problem.

The report of chief team, Timurmerdeka.com: Gino Samsudin Mirsab

A lot of Night Club increased in Baubau, become the main reason accused by many people in the city. The existence of Sex Commercial Worker Localization camouflage into boarding house, social media user’s becoming the trigger of the problem happen. Allegedly by amount social element when the media doing investigation for 3 months.

Informed by a lot of media, South East Sulawesi health service and general hospital “getting worried” to handle the HIV/AIDS patients. Based on data from Baubau General Hospital, the amount of HIV/AIDS’ objects going up, recorded 360 people died in the end of 2017.

Hypotheses from many people, not all true that Night Club in Baubau, is the only source. However, some other HIV/AIDS’ objects who refuse to informed the identity, stated that he infected from out of the city. Lately, General Hospital’s Main Director, H. Maria Adella Aty Sanga M. Kes allegedly to this media.

She alleged, the increased of HIV/AIDS Patients on Baubau, not only caused by many Patients lazy to control to the medical center, but also they come from poor level. So, it is hard to controlled,  and the fact between HIV and AIDS have a different way to take care.

The AIDS’ objects getting completely Symptoms, usually Hepatitis, TBC and many other disease found in Patients body. Meanwhile, the HIV objects proved by the laboratory result to categorised  infected HIV, it categorized as positive HIV infected.

“To prove the patients infected HIV/AIDS we proved it by take a look at the laboratory result completely, then the result convince us stated they infected HIV/AIDS. We suggest them to visit specialist doctor. Furthermore, we check up their families to know whether infected or not, ” She Said..

She explained that to cure HIV/AIDS is not in a short time, the Patients must consume the medicine recommended by the specialist doctor continuously.

She alleged to detect the objects rapidly before patients Immune go down. Since one of the symptoms is the patients loss their weight drastically, as they get diarhea for a long time.

“Getting injured in the mouth and take a long time for healing, concluded as HIV/AIDS. When we touch them, it will not infected directly. However the liquid of the injured can be infected us. Same with the other infected disease, we separate the HIV rooms”, She alleged..

Meanwhile, Henny Arisanty, S. Kep. Ns, counselor HIV/AIDS in Baubau General Hospital, added the number of HIV objects handled 66 patients in Palagimata General Hospital from January to December 2017. The total is 360 patients for all around Buton Island (Kepton).

“Noted from total patients some of them allegedly died. We have data from 2007, but we trained to cure in 2011. So we have the data. In additional the patients come to the hospital, however we only have 5 nurses who cure it until now” she closed.

Toto as the HIV/AIDS’  patients observer explained 360 patients in Buton Island positively infected HIV/AIDS, as they treated in Baubau General Hospital. However, the fact that tens people refuse to treated in Baubau General Hospital.

Toto added, the sad real fact is the lack of nurses and controller. So the patients can not be handled wisely.

Toto asked about the location of HIV/AIDS’ objects, he mentions many of them working in night club in the city, however he refuse to mention the place as her think about human right..

“I refuse to mention one by one, where they are working, as they closed and always move as well. Some of them died and some other only waiting time to die. I suggest you to avoid free sex” , Mr. Toto said to end the interview. (****).


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